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Face Mask Request

Hello there! With the CDC recommendation to wear masks in public places like grocery stores, pharmacies and running essential errands I've had many reach out and ask if I could supply them and their family with face masks. While I am glad to share my talents, time and materials with others, the requests on top of the volunteer mask-making I was already doing have multiplied. 

Please complete the form below to submit a request for 100% cotton face mask with nose wire and filter pocket. These masks are not a replacement for personal protective equipment (PPE) and I make no claims as to their effectiveness, something is better than nothing. 



1) A suggested donation of $1 per mask is appreciated. Better yet, donations of materials to make more masks. 

      - 100% cotton fabric

      - pipe cleaners
      - fine hair ties (2mm)

      - zip top plastic bags (gallon size)


2) Porch pick-up from my home in Stoughton, WI. When your request is ready I will send you a message with the pick-up address and scheduled time. Your request will be in a labeled ziploc bag inside a hanging brown tote on the door handle. Please retrieve your ziploc bag and place donations (if any) in the brown tote. 


3) If you are not local, please include $5 with your online donation to cover postage. Include in the form submission the address where you'd like your masks shipped. 


4) Limit of 10 masks per request. One (maybe two) mask per family member should be enough to wear and wash before your next essential outing. 

5) Mask styles. 

      - Contour Mask w/Elastic

      - Pleated Mask w/Elastic

      - Pleated Mask w/Elastic (Child)

6) Keep in mind kindness isn't cancelled. I'm am 34+ weeks pregnant, homeschooling two little ones, working from home as the Madison Fire Dept Finance Manager, and volunteering my time, materials and skills. Your support of this project is much appreciated! REQUESTS are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

UPDATE 5/29 - I am no longer taking requests for masks. The new baby will be here within the week and my sewing has run its course. I have made over 700+ masks during this time and have donated materials, masks and volunteer time to the Dane County Mask Makers. If you are in need of masks you may find some available for purchase in my Etsy shop here:

UPDATE 4/28 - I have made and given out or donated over 500+ masks! I am still taking requests for masks and they will be batch processed among those I'm making for the Dane County Mask Makers.

UPDATE 4/16 - Turnaround time is now 8--10 days. To date 324 masks have been given out to first responders, poll workers, critical trades workers, nursing homes, home care organizations and more!

UPDATE 4/6 - My goal is to complete requests within one week due to overwhelming response. Thanks for your patience!

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