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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

All the bobble tree patterns I keep coming across use chunky or bulky yarn. This pattern is made with worsted weight yarn but you could easily size up or down to create many different size trees. Create the perfect rustic touch to your winter tablescape.

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Tired of scrolling already? Purchase the ad-fee pdf of this pattern to make both the large and small versions.


- 1 oz/ 52 yds of worsted weight yarn

- yarn needle

- 5.0mm H US crochet hook

Pattern Notes: Rows 1-6 are worked in continuous rounds. Row 7 to the end and worked in rows with sl st and turn ch1 at the end. The odd rows are worked from the wrong side of the project (from the inside) which helps make the bobbles stand out better. Stitch count is shown in (x) at the end of each row. Finished size is approximately 5” tall. Purchase the ad-free pdf for instructions on making the 7” large tree.

Row 1: Make a magic circle, SC 6

Row 2: Inc in each st (12)

Row 3: *SC, inc, repeat from * x6 (18)

Row 4: *SC 2, inc, repeat from * x 6 (24)

Row 5: *SC 3, inc, repeat from * x6 (30)

Row 6: SC in BLO, ch 2 turn at end of row

Row 7: now working from the inside around, *HDC, Bobble, repeat from * x 15, sl st ch 1, turn (30)

Row 8: *SC 3, dec, repeat from * x6, sl st, ch 2, turn (24)

Row 9: *HDC, Bobble, repeat from * x 12, sl st, ch 1, turn (24)

Row 10: *SC 3, dec, repeat from * x 5, so st, ch 2, turn, (20)

Row 11: *HDC, bobble, repeat from * x 10, sl st, ch 1, turn (20)

Row 12: *SC 3, dec, repeat from * x 4, sl st, ch 2, turn (16)

Row 13: *HDC, bobble, repeat from * x 8, sl st, ch 1, turn (16)

Row 14: *SC 2, Dec, repeat from * x 4, sl st, ch 2, turn (12)

Insert 3 glass beads to weight down the base of the tree. Stuff with batting to desired fullness. Careful not to overstuff so batting is not shown between the stitches.

Row 15: *HDC, bobble, repeat from * x 3, sl st, ch 1, turn (12)

Row 16: *SC 2, Dec, repeat from * x 3, sl st, ch 2, turn (9)

Row 17: skip 1 st, *HDC, Bobble, repeat from * x 2, sl st, ch 1 (8)

Finish stuffing tree to desired fullness.

Row 18: *SC 2, Dec, repeat from * x 1, sl st, ch 1 (6)

Row 19: *SC, Dec, repeat from * x 1 (4)

Finish off and weave in ends.

You now have a completed Rustic Bobble Tree. Feel free to add embellishments with a stat on top or bead/button ornaments. I prefer the plain rustic look myself.

Happy Hooking!


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