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Ultra Plush Weekend Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Shhh... I have a confession. My family hates my crochet blankets. 😢 "They're too hole-y," they say. Plenty warm, but too many holes for little (or big) toes and fingers to poke through.

Thus began my quest for a yarn efficient, #frugalmom, super cozy crochet pattern to make the softest ever (but not hole-y) blanket.

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Bernat Blanket yarn is ultra plush and makes THE MOST squishable blankets ever! I usually have a few of these blankets rolled up in a reed basket out in front of my booth at craft markets and they draw everyone in to touch and feel just how soft they are for themselves.

You can make this blanket in a weekend (or less, if aren't also parenting three rugrats) and it can be sized up with the addition of more yarn and longer foundation chain. Just two skeins will make a crib size blanket, and best of all the stitch pattern is interlocking for few holes for little toes to poke through.




2 Balls Bernat Blanket yarn (10.5 oz each)

US size M, 10.0mm crochet hook

Yarn needle

GAUGE: not important for this pattern, however using hooks and yarn indicated should yield 4" over 6 rows worked in the pattern.



Foundation Row 1: CH 76, SC in second chain from hook, CH 1, *SC, CH 1* repeat to end of chain, SC in last chain (75sts)

Row 2: CH 3 turn, DC in CH-1 space from previous row, *CH 1, DC in CH-1 sp* repeat to final CH-1 space, SC. (75 sts)

Row 3: CH 3 turn, DC into SC from row 1, *CH 1, DC into SC from row 1* repeat to end, SC in 2nd CH of starting chain 3.

Row 4: CH 3 turn, DC into DC from second to last row, *CH 1, DC into DC from second to last row*, repeat to end, SC in 2nd CH of starting chain 3. (75sts)

Repeat Row 4 joining the second ball of yarn in when the first runs out. Depending on your gauge you should get about 50 rows total. If you still have more yarn after 50 rows, keep going! Play yarn chicken until the end or finish off here and weave in ends.

You now have a crib size Ultra Plush Weekend Baby Blanket for your own little or to give as a baby shower gift. Make it bigger next time by increasing the length of the foundation row and adding another skein or two of Bernat Blanket yarn.


Did you enjoy this pattern? Leave a comment below.

Happy Hooking!


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