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Baby Narwhal FREE Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jan 22

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It's hard (and yet very easy) to believe that it has been over a year since I updated my shop blog. A lot has happened since then ...

I quit my super stressful job earlier this year (but somehow am STILL working there) and started working from home. The change of pace has been AMAZING and I wish I had done this years earlier! I've missed out on so much family life and self-care because I didn't realize how much my work stress was driving my life that I little left for anyone or anything else at the end of the day. I thought my crochet was my stress outlet, but it could only help so much and when I realized I didn't even have energy for it or crafting anymore something had to change.

So here we are ... Back to blogging, back to mental health stability, back to sharing my creations with the WORLD!

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A small blue narwhal toy sits smiling between a sea shell and starfish on a neutral background
Baby Narwhal Crochet Toy

When my middle little was a pre-schooler he loved Narwhals and had a cute shirt from Target with a rhinoceros and narwhal on it that said 'best buds'. He begged me to make him a narwhal just for him but I was often swamped with orders. Finally one day I had some extra light blue yarn from a custom order and decided to whip up this baby narwhal. He affectionately named him Sprinkle Dinkle !

Below you'll find the FREE crochet pattern to make a baby narwhal of your very own. If you'd like to purchase the ad-free pdf of this pattern, you can find it here.

Not feeling crafty? Buy a handmade Baby Narwhal here:




1.1 oz/56 yds of light blue worsted weight yarn

.05 oz/3 yds of gray worsted weight yarn

Small length of black yarn or embroidery floss to stitch smile lines.

2 – 12mm safety eyes

Polyester stuffing

Yarn needle

4.0mm crochet hook (US G)