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F-Bomb Keychain - FREE Pattern

Lots of strife in the world today and things to complain, lament and be frustrated about. I've been dropping F-Bombs more and more these days, and not just the crochet kind.

Make your own F-Bomb Keychain with this FREE crochet pattern to jazz up your purse or backpack. Swears not included.

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  • 30 yds Black or Red yarn, worsted weight 2 1⁄2 yds Red/Black yarn (for “F” applique) 1⁄2 yd gray yarn

  • Scraps of yarn for fuse sparks

  • Polyester batting

  • Yarn needle

  • 4.0mm G crochet hook

  • Split Ring

  • Scissors


Pattern is written in US crochet terms, stitch count is listed in [x] at the end of each round. Pattern is worked in rounds, do not join or ch 1 at the end of the row. Though it appears simple this is likely best for an advanced beginner or intermediate crochet skills or for those familiar with amigurumi construction including increases, decreases, and assembly.

Body – make 1

  1. With black or red yarn for main body, form a magic circle and sc 6 into circle [6]

  2. 2sc in each st [12]

  3. sc, 2sc, repeat from x 6 [18]

  4. sc 2, 2sc, repeat from x 6 [24]

  5. sc 3, 2sc, repeat from x 6 [30]

  6. Sc 30 for 8 rows

  7. sc 3, dec, repeat from x 6 [24]

  8. 2sc, dec, repeat from x 6 [18]

  9. Add batting to desired fullness

  10. sc, dec, repeat from x 6 [12]

  11. dec, repeat from x 6 [6]

  12. Sc 6, 2 rows

  13. Finish off and leave long tail for attaching fuse and keyring

“F” Applique

  1. With red/black (opposite of what was used for the body) ch 9

  2. Sc in 2rd chain from hook, sc 7 

  3. This forms the side of the F

  4. Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 3

  5. This forms the top of the F

  6. sl st 2 sts

  7. ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc

  8. sl st 4

  9. Finish off and leave a long tail to sew F to bomb


  1. With gray yarn, ch 8

  2. sl st in 2nd ch from hook and across

  3. Finish off

  4. Take yarn scraps and pull through end of fuse. Tease yarn to separate ply. Trim to desired length.


Stitch “F” applique to body of bomb. Tuck fuse into opening at the top of the bomb. Secure fuse and stitch opening closed. Attach keyring by sewing over a few stitches placed behind fuse opposite of “F”.


Attach to your key-ring and enjoy! Drop those F-Bombs! Makes the perfect accent to your mace, whistle, and knuckle spears.

You may make items from this pattern in small batches (<50 pieces) to sell online, in a shop, or at a craft fair. Please credit Nickel Creek Stitches as the pattern designer and link back to this pattern. This patten may not be altered, copied or reposted without express permission.

Happy Hooking!


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